A downloadable audio stories

This game will be coming to Android and iPhone in the near future!

A Moment Between Us is a multiplayer interactive experience that presents short stories about emotional events shared between people. In any interaction that we have with another person, we experience emotions. These emotions can be significant for us - life-changing, even. Rarely, though, do we get to experience the emotional journey of the person that shared the moment with us. In an argument, we want to be right, so the argument can be over. But that negates the experience of the person we’re arguing with, and the fact that they want to be right as well, for the same reasons. Similarly, in a shared moment of intimacy, or love, we might only reflect on the other person’s feelings as they relate to us. A Moment Between Us offers you an opportunity to experience these shared moments, completely. You and another person can listen to and participate in stories from both perspectives. The more emotionally literate we become, the more emotionally intimate we can be. Find someone special, and share a moment with them.


Co-created by Ruby Simpson and Aaron Williams

Visuals by Kimberley Clifford


Natalie's voice: Ash Freed

Lucy's voice: Alex Ryan

Narrator: Ruby Simpson

Through A Glass Screen:

Kylie's voice: Dami Korte

Abby's voice: Jess Hughes

Narrator: Ruby Simpson

Ambience: Alexander

Published Oct 09, 2017
StatusIn development
AuthorsRuby Simpson, Aaron Williams